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Site History

Having been in the industry for several years, the core team is particularly passionate about finding unique sites for advertising hoardings. In fact, so passionate that it interferes with holidays, weekends away and weekends in general.

Many interesting sites have been found quite by chance and of the tales to be told, none are more amusing than the first billboard in George - ever.

One fine December morning back in 2003, whilst on holiday, Marius and Truda were on their way to the local butchery, when they spotted "the perfect billboard spot", which ultimately required halting traffic and taking photo's.

It just so happens that Marius' uncle is an estate agent in the area and without hesitation they leapt at the opportunity to secure the site. Back in those days no by-laws existed around the placement of advertising hoardings so it seemed simple enough.

As these things go, it turns out that the process would not be that simple. Locals opposed the structure and this resulted in the creation of by-laws in the area related to outdoor advertising. This of course would not stop Marius, who by the second of January had already signed a lease and managed to make his way back to George and start construction in a brave and fearless manner. Of course, his bravery was fueled by the fact that his darling wife had extensive knowledge and experience in these matters and she would very soon ensure that they comply with all the necessary requirements.


Of course things were much different back then and being the first to venture into these matters took a bit of gusto and a never-give-up attitude. Today however is a far cry from those early days and sites are secured in a more organized manner, albeit with the same tenacity and dedication.

Similar excitement was created with other sites, such as Sandton Drive. There used to be an "unspoken rule" that billboards may not be placed here, but of course the team would not be deterred – it did after all offer their clients the very best solution in visibility in a high-traffic area – so after only eight years and several hundreds of meetings, phone calls and the teams "Vas Byt" attitude, one of the most popular sites today stands proudly with many of the country's most prominent brands.

Generally speaking, none of the sites we own or let today were obtained simply by requesting permissions. Each have a story of their own, many of which were not easy or simple, but this too adds to the personalised service we offer and attributes to our dedication in offering the very best possible outdoor advertising solution.



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