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From a design point-of-view, we constantly strive to ensure that our boards are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and placed such that no interference is caused within its surroundings. Further, we have recently been involved with industrial designers to create a more visually appealing design, which consists of smooth flowing lines and making use of materials that ensure longevity and quality over a greater period of time. It is also important to us that our board designs do not compete in any way with the brands which we represent.

Going "green" is an obvious concern and at vanTill, we have invested a significant amount of time and money ensuring that we not only reduce our footprint, but at the same time our electricity consumption improves operational efficiency and ultimately reduces environmental impact.*


*Electricity consumption has been reduced 90,86% breaking away from conventional
backlit and floodlight technologies.

Each of our sites have been hand-picked and secured according to the relevant protocol related to the placement of signage from a legal and local authorities perspective.

We also obtain all required documentation, permits and paperwork to advertise on these boards, ensuring you peace of mind when placing with us.



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